Facebook ads coupon code

Get 50 USD Coupon for 15 USD only and save 70% on Facebook ads campaign

Now you can avail a 70% discount on your Facebook advertising campaign with our ads coupon code promotion.

Please read these instructions before placing the order:

  This Coupon is only valid for new Facebook ad accounts, which were activated not more than 14 days ago, e.g, this coupon can be used only if you started using Facebook ads less than two weeks ago. If you have been using Facebook ads for more than two weeks, the code will not work.

  This Coupon is only valid for those Facebook ad accounts, which have not used a coupon code before.

  Only One Coupon can be used for One account, Multiple coupons will not work on same account.

  If you have never used Facebook Ads before than you will first need to activate Facebook ads and add a funding source (e.g, credit card or paypal) to your account. Without adding a funding source first, this coupon code will not work.

  If you would like to create a new Facebook ads account to utilize this coupon than we would highly recommended to first allow Facebook to approve your ad and than add this coupon.

  After you receive the coupon it will be valid for 30 days and after you have added the coupon code to your account its 50$ credit will be valid for 90 days.

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