Get Targeted Facebook Likes

The most convenient way to increase real targeted Facebook likes

We have developed an App to easily gain real and targeted Facebook likes from your choice of country through your own website. With this App you will be able to convert your website traffic/visitors to become your Facebook likes/fans automatically.

With this solution you can get hundreds of real targeted likes from your choice of country everyday depending on the number of daily visits/traffic to your website.

Although there is one catch, the visitor to your site should be logged into their Facebook account at the time they were visiting your website.

If you would likes to see this solution in action, please ask us for a Demo through our online support or Contact Page.


How it Works?

  Once you place the order we will send you the App script along with instructions to add on your website or we can also set it up for you.

  After added, this app will start detecting every visitor to your site and the ones who were logged into their Facebook account would automatically become your Facebook page likes/fans.

  That’s it! it is as simple as that and it is the most easiest and safest way to increase your Facebook likes with targeted audience.

  You can also chose a particular country to target. If chosen, only the visitors from that particular country on your website will become your Page likes.

  With only 35$ a month you can get unlimited amount of likes to your page depending on your website traffic. The more traffic/visitors you have on your website the more likes you will get on your Facebook page.

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